Pulse provides Internet connectivity through RF technology on an exclusively licensed frequency of 3.3 GHz using Near Line of Site (NLOS) and 5.725 to 5.825 GHz using Line of Sight (LOS) respectively.Pulse has proven that RF is a very reliable technology, regardless of weather conditions. Majority of Pulse customers use our VoIP services along with our Internet Bandwidth on RF connectivity.We are feasible at any part of Chennai due to numerous BSTNs installed and owned by Pulse.
Pulse can provide bandwidth up to 1STM using its advanced RF equipment. Using latest technologies Pulse offers highly reliable RF connections, which are comparable to fiber connections in terms of stability and latency. Since RF works on a wireless medium, road cuts and adverse weather conditions do not disrupt the connection.
Hence we can say that RF last mile is always under control. Pulse can provide an RF connection in any feasible location within 72 hours.
Advantages of Wireless
  • Seamless connectivity
  • Quick installation
  • Absolute Control over Last Mile
  • Not affected by adverse weather conditions.
  • Ethernet handoff
  • Unlimited Data Usage